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Welcome to EYFS

Nursery Information Welcome to our nursery, with your help we are going to provide your child with experiences that will build on the valuable work that you have been doing with them at home. We hope that the year shared with us in nursery will be happy and fruitful. If you have any questions about what is happening in nursery please feel free to come and ask us. We want you to enjoy your child’s year in nursery as much as we know they will. Visits to nursery for our new children are arranged in the term prior to them starting.   Nursery times We now offer a breakfast session 8:30am – 9:00am and teatime session 3:15pm – 3:45pm. There will be no charge for these extra sessions. Morning sessions:  8:30am or 9:00am – 11:30am Afternoon session: 12:45pm – 3:15pm or 3:45pm   Nursery Curriculum Please click this link to view the long term plan for Nursery

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Reception Class

Welcome to Reception. We learn through supported sessions and play, in a caring and nurturing environment lead by Mrs Prescott and Mrs Lockie. The planning in Foundation Stage will be sufficiently flexible to enable staff to keep a focus on children’s individual needs and interests, as children also learn from things that have not been planned. In the Foundation Stage ,we build on and extend children’s knowledge, experience and interests to develop their self-esteem and confidence. Phonics and reading: We use a variety of schemes and methods to teach children to segment and blend sounds to help them to read. We use Phonics Bug, letters and sounds, Nessi learning and clicker 5 resources to help teach phonics from Reception upwards. Please help your child by listening to them read every day. Children are given levelled reading books from  pre level 1 to level 6, from a variety of reading schemes and popular authors. We are a school that is passionate about teaching children to read. We expect children to read several times a week and for it to be marked in their reading diary in the infants and planners in KS2. We are grateful for your support in this area. Reception Curriculum Please click the link to view the long term plan for Reception

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