The Clover - Cinnamon Brow CE Primary School The Clover - Cinnamon Brow CE Primary School

Clover Team: Mrs Tilley & Mrs Rowlands

The Clover (Reception/KS1 Designation Provision for Complex Needs Children) Reviews (March 2017/April 2018)

After a review in March 2017 by the Local Authority and Lead teachers from two other Designated Provisions they stated, ‘It is the view of the Peer to Peer team that the Designated Provision at Cinnamon Brow is a Good resource which provides well for children who display a wide range of challenging needs.’

In April 2018, The Clover was again reviewed positively by the Local Authority who stated that school had made good progress against recommendations from last year’s review and continued by saying, ‘The DP works hard to ensure the ethos of caring underpins all they do with the learning needs of pupils also clearly focussed upon. Overall the DP has demonstrated effective progress in providing for some highly vulnerable pupils.’

Learning in The Clover

The Clover is a Foundation/KS1 Local Authority Designated Provision for children with complex needs. In The Clover, we have lots of fun learning. Through encouraging our children to explore the world around them, we ensure they access a broad, balanced, sensory and engaging curriculum.


Exploring our World

Below is a flavour of how learning takes place for our children.


We provide our children with many opportunities to investigate through sensory play. Through open ended questions, our children take on the role of the scientist to explore. For example, ‘How do I melt an iceberg?’


Art/Design Technology

Our children are encouraged to explore different materials and how to use them in a variety of ways to express both their creativity and their experiences. We take on the roles of designer and builder to construct 3D structures.



Music is used in a range of ways from singing along to well-loved songs/rhymes to experimenting with musical instruments to create our own sounds and find our rhythm



Through looking at ourselves, we learn about our place in the world, the houses we live in and how we came to be. We explore our similarities and differences and celebrate them.



We use technology to support and engage learning in all subjects. We teach our children how to stay safe online, the safe use of technology and basic computing skills.

Long Term Plans

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