Long Term Plans - Cinnamon Brow CE Primary School Long Term Plans - Cinnamon Brow CE Primary School

Long Term Plans



Exciting projects

Our curriculum immerses children in exciting projects with authentic outcomes. They are challenged to work creatively, whilst deepening their knowledge and understanding through highly engaging and memorable experiences.

Project based learning

  • The project based learning connects to real world and authentic problems and issues; it is framed around an inquiry process and leads children to investigate important ideas and questions.
  • The curriculum is designed to allow children to engage in real life world projects and instilla desire to produce beautiful work.


At the beginning of the project we identify the concepts which we would like to explore and which will make the connections between the different subjects. We will then create an enquiry question which frames the concepts.

Core Skills

At the heart of the curriculum are core skillsand they are grouped into:

The year is split into three terms:

1. Discover


The theme of the Autumn term is ‘Discover’.This has a History focus and throughout school the children engage in projects designed to answer a BIG question.

How can we let people know about the past?


2. Explore


The theme of the Spring term is ‘Explore’ .This has a geography focus and challenges the children to find out how they can make the world a better place.

From homelessness to sustainability, conservation to the refugee crisis, our children are engaged in learning that changes their outlook on the world and challenges them to make a difference.


3. Create

Art, design, dance and drama are used across the curriculum, but with our summer term, the theme of ‘Create’ has the arts as a focus.

Our create projects allow children to develop their skills in a range of different media leading to incredible outcomes.

Curriculum links



  • Children’s English work is linked to the projects.
  • Children explore and create a range of fiction and non-fiction writing as a result of the rigorous teaching of contextualised grammar, spelling and punctuation.


  • We would like our children to develop a passion and enjoyment for mathematics whilst delivering a high quality curriculum.
  • Structured imagery and concrete apparatus are used systematically throughout school, to develop a strong conceptual understanding of all mathematical concepts.
  • The children then apply these skills and knowledge to problem solving, enabling them to become confident mathematical thinkers.

Religious Education:

The teaching of Religious Education, spirituality and active citizenship is central to our school’s work by teaching the Quest scheme of work supplemented by Understanding Christianity. The children learn about the New and Old Testament, influential Christians and the impact this has on their own lives.

Physical Education:

  • We are passionate about all children receiving a wide range of high quality physical activity, both within the curriculum and outside of the school day.
  • Through participation in a range of health related and competitive sports, children have the opportunity to develop their self-confidence and skills within a diverse range of situations.

Early Years Foundation Stage

  • Learning in the EYFS challenges children to become independent, motivated learners, who are full of curiosity about the world around them.
  • Within our fun, happy and secure environment, our children experience consistent teaching, engaging hands-on learning and a child-centred curriculum that ensures, the consistent development of skills across all areas of learning.
  • Children are encouraged to explore, take risks and form positive relationships with their peers in a setting that celebrates the uniqueness of every child.

Engagement Curriculum at Cinnamon Brow C E Primary School