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Upper Key Stage 2

Welcome to Years 5 and 6!

Welcome to Upper KS2! We are children aged 9-11. There are three classes: year 5, year 5/6 and year 6. In the mornings we have reading workshop, where some of us read to a teacher in a group. Other groups read, practice grammar and punctuation or work on maths activities. We also have a computer programs that helps us to practice the parts of maths that we find tricky and to help us with spellings and grammar. Every month, the children who have made the most progress on Maths Whizz get certificates. After reading workshop we have English or Maths. In year 6 we are in different sets for Maths, so we might have a different teacher. In the afternoons we have lessons with our class. We have different topics each half term and do lots of exciting things. All children follow a broad and balanced curriculum. We provide our children with new and exciting opportunities to widen their learning experiences, capturing their interests and making each day challenging and engaging. Teaching the basic skills of English and Mathematics is our first priority. We encourage pupils to use these skills independently in all aspects of school life. In addition to the core subjects we offer a rich and varied curriculum around the following subjects: RE, Computing, Geography, History, Physical Education, Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education, French, The Arts – Music, Art and Design Technology and Science. These subjects are taught individually, or as part of The Creative Curriculum, which we call our topics. Pupils have many opportunities to develop higher order and thinking and questioning skills. The children are encouraged to work individually, in a group or as a whole class. Co-operative teaching and learning styles are used. We believe that a good attitude to work and consistent effort are important for children to achieve their targets. We value the importance of parents’ involvement and the impact it has on their child’s learning.


In Y5/6 we get this homework: 1. We have to read at least 5 times each week. We can read independently, but an adult needs to sign our school planner to show that we have been reading at home. We have spellings to learn every week. These come home on a Friday and are tested the following Friday. We get homework for English and Maths every week. These are usually given out on Wednesdays and are due in the following Friday. If we find our homework tricky, the teachers will help us at lunchtimes.

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